HOA Management in Northern New Jersey

Whether you are launching a new organization, struggling to keep your HOA afloat or want to take your community to the next level, The Alexander Group can help you achieve your goals without innovative HOA management services in Northern New Jersey. Leverage our advanced technology and expert team to lead your HOA with greater vision and confidence.

Our HOA management services include budget preparation, accounts payable and receivable, property maintenance, financial management and tax filings, capital expenditure forecasting and bid management, compliance oversight, bylaws, rules and regulations management, and board governance document analysis. We offer a comprehensive package of services that help you in key areas of your association.

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HOA Management Services for Every Association

We partner with your HOA community regardless of your association structure. At The Alexander Group, we have a proven track record of serving communities of all types and sizes, including:

  • Townhome associations
  • Condo associations
  • Single-family associations
  • Master associations
  • Developing communities
  • Metro districts

With our comprehensive HOA services and personalized programs, we help you build a community that thrives. Your members will experience success in all areas – from well-maintained and attractive properties to a healthy budget and bottom line. We also offer self-managed communities financial stability, covering monthly financial reporting, accounts payable and receivable processing, electronic document storage, and maintenance regardless of the type of community in which we live.

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Management Services We Offer

We offer management and governance services in key areas that keep your HOA moving forward. Some of our main services include

Financial Services

Managing your Hoa’s finances can be overwhelming for even the most skilled board members. We provide a broad spectrum of services, including budgeting, bank account reconciliation, accounts payable and receivable, financial reports, insurance coordination, and capital expenditures.

Member Engagement

Keeping your members happy and engaged requires proactive people skills. Our team can help your board with common items such as bill collection, delinquent payments, event planning, communication, member conflict, and legal problems. Feel free to consult our team on common issues that involve your members.

HOA Compliance

When structuring an approach, you need to balance the requirements of the HOA with the needs of the residents. It’s important to have a concrete structure in place to avoid unnecessary conflicts with your residents. We can perform a board governance document analysis and help you create healthy bylaws and rules.

Property Management

Property management involves more than just cutting the grass and making repairs. We can beautify your community and help you maintain high standards for keeping your community attractive all year long. Our property management services help you maintain healthy property values to attract buyers.

Strategic Planning

What does your current events calendar look like? If you want more community engagement, The Alexander Group can meet with you to plan your calendar and develop a strategy for involving members in upcoming events. With strategic planning, you can develop a community that works and plays together.


We utilize traditional and digital tools to get the word out to every member of your association. The Alexander Group can schedule meetings, provide updates, meet regularly with your board, monitor member requests, and create a communication system that works for you.

Why Choose The Alexander Group

There are several benefits of working with our property management team.

Take Advantage of Our Industry Expertise

We have the expertise necessary to help you manage your association. Our team can help your team utilize and develop effective strategies, management tools, and resources. We have connections with the top-rated vendors and contractors in your area. With The Alexander Group, you receive a level of experience and knowledge that you may not experience with self-management.

We Provide Needed Support for Your HOA Board

Our managers can relieve the burden on your HOA board. Since we handle daily operations and maintenance, your board members have time to focus on more important matters. The board can easily make financial decisions by reviewing statements and documents that we prepare in advance. We can also take the stress out of dealing with conflicts within your organization.

Less Risk to Your Community

With an HOA management company, there can be fewer risks for your community. We ensure that community rules and regulations are always compliant with the law and that the community has proper insurance coverage. The Alexander Group acts as a buffer between the board and the homeowners. We can mediate during disputes so the association can avoid harassment cases and lawsuits.

We Keep Your Finances on Track

​​One of the biggest pressures your board members have to deal with is the financial side of running an HOA. Our HOA management company helps with all types of transactions. You can feel confident that our team handles your HOA’s portfolio and leveraging your finances to build a stronger association. Let us deal with core issues such as budgeting, compliance, taxes, and dues.

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Full service property management

Maximizing your investment returns is our priority

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