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Commercial Real Estate Lending & Financing

If you are interested in building your investment portfolio through a commercial real estate purchase, The Alexander Group can help with commercial finance and lending. Our team, led by Corrado Belgiovine, can help you locate a property, negotiate the purchase, and determine the right financing to secure the most profit.

How you finance your investment property has a direct impact on your overall profits. When the market is volatile, it can become difficult to find the right financing for the property you are interested in purchasing. We know that sometimes you may not have the ability to verify income for a traditional mortgage, and we work closely with you and the lenders to find the right loan for your property.

Which Mortgage is Right for You?

We deal with a large array of lenders and our team is knowledgeable about the different types of mortgages available today. We understand what each lender is looking for in the ideal borrower.
If you need a short term mortgage with a fixed rate, this can help keep payments down at the beginning of your loan. If you have a solid credit history and verified income, you can likely opt for a traditional long term mortgage at a reasonable fixed rate.

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