Premier Property Management Services in Northern New Jersey

Entrusting your property to a property management company can be a bit intimidating at first. When you make the decision to transition this responsibility, you want to feel confident that the management company possesses the wealth of experience necessary and has a proven track record of success caring for their clients’ needs.

The Alexander Group is a premier, full-service property management office located in Northern New Jersey. We manage both residential and commercial properties, including single and multi-family dwellings, apartments, and various businesses. We have spent decades building relationships with developers, property owners, brokers, and tenants throughout Bergen County, as well as Jersey City, Union City, Secaucus, and neighboring towns…

Contact The Alexander Group today at 201-420 1300 or today. We can help with your property management needs.

We Have All Your Real Estate Needs Covered

We provide customized services for properties of all types, such as

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Residential Property Management

Working directly with tenants can be stressful, costing you time, money, and resources. We leverage your rental business by attending to every aspect of your property, including attracting and vetting tenants, maintenance, paperwork, marketing, billing/collections, and any legal issues. Our staff oversees the specific needs of all property sizes, from small homes to larger apartment complexes.


Commercial Property Management

We work with non-residential properties like offices, retail spaces, storage facilities, shopping centers, and industrial buildings. Services include management planning, financial reporting, budgeting, maintenance, marketing, rent/collections, lease negotiation, and documented procedures. Our comprehensive approach to property management


Home Owners Associations (HOAs)

Within your HOA, there may be gaps in financial or property management that require experts to enforce policies, specific property maintenance, or compliance with financial matters. The Alexander Group assists you or your Board of Directors in structuring or restructuring your HOA and other key matters.

A Comprehensive Approach to Property Management

We have a diverse portfolio of property management services, including

Billing and Collections

One of the biggest complaints we hear from rental property owners is collecting monthly rent and fees from occupants. Our team handles the entire billing and collections process from start to finish. We collect maintenance fees, fines, special assessments, and late fees, working on your behalf to engage directly with tenants or members who have delinquencies and late payments.

Property Inspections and Maintenance

We are on-site inspecting the property as often as necessary. We utilize our extensive network of reputable contractors to perform all necessary routine maintenance and emergency repairs and thoroughly vet other contractors engaged to work on the premises.

Financial Management

Whether you oversee a single property, own commercial property, or manage an HOA, our team can manage your entire financial portfolio. Services include (but are not limited to) accounts payable and receivable, bookkeeping, accounting, bank transactions, tax preparation, and establishing workable budgets to implement for the upcoming year.

Document Preparation and Organization

We can obtain all necessary licenses, permits, and certifications, as well as prepare all renter or HOA applications. Our secure records system offers access to your reports or documents on a predetermined schedule or by request.

Violations and Legal Matters

When handling a legal matter, an experienced property management agency matters. We have the resources and experience to help you when confronted by renters or HOA members who violate their contracts, fail to pay rent or damage your property.

Why Choose The Alexander Group

There are several benefits of working with our property management team.

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  • We’re Knowledgeable About Property Laws

With just about any business transaction related to your, you need a manager that knows New Jersey real estate law. We are familiar with all the laws regarding renting out a property and can help with complicated legal disputes.

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  • We Find Good Tenants

We screen potential tenants by checking criminal backgrounds, financial ability, and past tenant references while following the rules for fair housing. We follow a rigid process for selecting the best tenants. Once we have responsible tenants in place, you can rely on them to stick around for a long time.

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  • We Know the Local Real Estate Market

We know the best price to offer your property based on the local market. Our number-crunching experts have access to the most current information and can price your rental property accordingly. Plus, we can prevent costly mistakes that cost you thousands of dollars.

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  • We Are Pros at Timely Rent Collection

We make sure the rent is collected on time, saving you from constant worry. Our managers cut through the red tape and tedious paperwork so that you can count on a regular revenue stream.

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  • We Handle Emergency Maintenance Calls 24/7

With The Alexander Group in place, you never have to worry about late-night calls because we handle them for you. If something breaks, the tenant will call us immediately to resolve it- no matter what the alarm clock says. We shield you from having to take care of that leaky faucet or broken toilet yourself.

Contact The Alexander Group Today for Property Management Services in New Jersey

If you are tired of dealing with tenants or need a professional to handle your HOA, we are ready to help. Contact The Alexander Group today at 201-420 1300 or Let us help you manage your residential or commercial property. We serve clients in Jersey City, Union City, Secaucus, and the Northern New Jersey area.

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